Trust the Egg Donation Lawyers of Klein Fertility Law

Based in California, Klein Fertility Law has over 30 years of experience as lawyers for egg donor recipients throughout the United States and the world.

Klein Fertility Law oversees the entire egg donation process for our clients in a way that is hands-on, comprehensive, and empathetic. Egg donation requires intended parents to use legal contracts to gain ownership of the donor’s eggs and any embryos that may result after retrieval. Intended parents must also take care to choose a trusted third-party fertility agency or medical clinic that operates under high standards – and this information is not always readily available to the public.

Klein Fertility Law’s hands-on involvement in fertility agreements gives us a strong familiarity with the industry and how it operates. We complete the legal piece of your journey but we also guide you in selecting the professionals and agencies that we know are trustworthy, reliable, and honest. Our goal is to provide additional value to all of our egg donation clients by making sure they are in good hands throughout the entire process.

Why do I need a reproductive attorney for egg donation?

Reproductive/fertility lawyers draft and execute egg donation contracts – which should be in place before any medical procedures can begin. Their job is to make sure that all parties are adhering to legal standards.

Reproductive/fertility lawyers like the ones at Klein Fertility Law are necessary to:

  • Establish the intentions of all parties (both the intended parents and the donor)
  • Spell out all legal obligations in a binding agreement
  • Anticipate any risks or liabilities and proactively address them in the documents
  • Dissolve the donor’s ownership interests
  • Establish expectations for future communication between the parties if the parties are entering into an open egg donation
  • Manage the trust account that holds all funds for the legal agreement

Do I need a local egg donor lawyer?

Although we welcome our clients to visit our office when possible, it is not important for your egg donation attorney to be local to you. The contract process is handled through email, telephone, and other electronic forms of communication, so an in person meeting is not necessary.

Are you looking for a reproductive law attorney “near me”?

An egg donation law firm does not need to be located in the state of the child’s birth, however the firm must have a lawyer who is admitted to practice law in that state. He or she should also have a deep familiarity with the state’s specific laws and should have strategic relationships in place to help navigate the process with agencies and other fertility professionals. International laws may come into play if an intended parent resides in a different country.

Klein Fertility Law has over 30 years of experience as egg donor lawyers for intended parents throughout the United States and the world. We are based in California and are uniquely suited to assist with most egg donation cases because of the relationships we have formed, over time, across the country.

Klein Fertility Law Egg Donor Legal Services

Klein Fertility Law began practicing fertility law in 1987 and is the leading fertility law firm in Southern California. We offer the following services to our clients:

  • Draft or provide legal review of customized egg donation agreements
  • Draft legal clearance letters required by physicians, egg donor agencies, and any other party assisting in the egg donation process
  • Keep egg donor agencies informed on contract process and legal proceedings
  • Manage the fund for your egg donation process through a trust account
  • Assist international clients through coordination with an attorney in their home country
  • Provide guardianship designations and healthcare powers of attorney
  • Provide all legal services or representation necessary to protect the rights of the parents
  • Assist with travel documents, if necessary (such as passports, and other requirements established by each country)

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