Why Do You Need Legal Assistance from Falletta and Klein During Divorce?

Divorce is one of the most emotionally distressing things that can happen in a couple’s life, and it becomes even more difficult if there are kids involved. Because it is such a sensitive and complicated issue, a spouse needs to have legal representation from a reputable law firm like Falletta and Klein to help them get fair results.

What are the issues involved in divorce?
Divorce is not just a matter of a husband and wife ceasing to be married and moving on with their own lives. There are many other factors involved, including the following:

  • Division of Assets. In most cases, the property owned by the couple before they got married remains their own after the divorce. However, those they acquired as a couple, called community property, need to be divided accordingly. It is not just assets that are divided, however; liabilities and debts are also split between the two.
  • Spousal Support. Also called alimony, this is when one spouse continues to give support to the other even after they divorce. Unlike child support, this is not mandated but may be decided based on the situation, such as the length of marriage as well as the physical, emotional, and financial condition of the spouses, among other things.
  • Child Custody. During divorce, a decision has to be made on who will take custody of the kids, and this is often decided based on what is deemed to be the best for the children, including their health, safety, and general welfare.
  • Child Support. This is mandatory and a parent, regardless of whether they are employed or not, needs to provide financial support for their children, the amount of which is decided in court. A parent who fails to provide child support can face a lawsuit.

For a husband or wife, the above issues can be overwhelming. If you’re getting a divorce in San Diego, California, the wisest decision is to get legal assistance from Falletta and Klein. With more than three decades of experience, you can rely on the law firm to help you during this trying time.

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