When You Need An Employment Attorney

Employment attorneys work to represent both employees and employers in workplace related disputes such as wrong termination, desired termination of irresponsible or unsatisfactory employee, discussion of wages and benefits as well as unemployment compensation. Whenever disputes arise in the workplace between the employer and employee, an employment lawyer in San Diego, CA may be called in to help resolve the situation.

Employee representation
Employment attorneys can represent employees when employers do not honor the employment contract or they mistreat employees. Often, employees may be mistreated in various ways. They may be subjected to unfair working hours without pay. They may be terminated unjustifiably or even underpaid. You may want to seek help of a lawyer if you feel that you are being mistreated by your employer. Things such as discrimination of an employee or harassment may amount to mistreatment.

Employer representation
It’s not only employees who need the services of an employment lawyer. Employers may also want to be represented when they have disputes with employees. While there are issues that employers can handle on their own, others may be complex to deal with. The attorney can help in issues pertaining to employee classification. Prior to classifying an employee, you want to seek guidance from experienced labor attorneys. Misclassification may result in hefty price tag when you are subjected to penalties and unpaid wages or overtime for a multitude of employee in a duration of many years.

You may want to talk to an employment lawyer at Falletta and Klein law firm in order to resolve issues related to workplace. The attorney can save you money, which you could have lost if you failed to seek legal advice. If it’s a situation pertaining to a lawsuit, an attorney can advise you on the way forward.

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