Experience on Your Side with Surrogacy Law

Falletta-Klein law firm has been working since 1983 and has provided California with experienced lawyers in the field of surrogacy law, family law, personal injury law, employment law and plenty more. One of the many fields we focus on is surrogacy law. We want to help families through this exciting time in their lives. We understand it can be nerve-wracking and anxious so we do our best to commit to you and your family. Often times families don’t hire a surrogacy lawyer, but we believe it is a beneficial and helpful process to ensure everything turns out properly and legal.

The importance of a surrogacy attorney, either as the intended parent or surrogate, is to be your independent legal counsel. A surrogacy lawyer will help you with a surrogacy contract, seeking a birth order, finding a surrogate through an agency, or working with a chosen surrogate you may already have, and protecting parental rights.

Surrogacy lawyers at Falletta-Klein Law Firm will bring you the four most important qualities and factors you want in the attorney who will be representing you.

  1. Experience: You will want an attorney who has experience in surrogacy law this way you will have someone who knows the ropes and who can let you know what to expect through the process. All of our lawyers are highly professional and have years of experience.
  2. Credentials: Credentials are not everything, but they are helpful in determining and assessing an attorney’s experience and reputation. Our attorneys have exceptional credentials that are available to our clients.
  3. Knowledge: You will of course always want a lawyer who is experienced in the field and has knowledge of surrogacy law. Our attorneys are skilled and can ensure all of your questions will be answered thoroughly.
  4. Reputation: Reputation is important in law and our attorneys have client testimonials and plenty of referrals.
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