Headquartered in San Diego, California, we are world leaders in fertility law and your most reliable source for expertise, guidance and support in your journey to build your family through assisted reproductive technologies.

In the field of assisted reproduction , experience means everything – and no other law firm has more. We were involved in our first surrogacy agreement in 1987 and we have been representing individuals and couples involved in surrogacy and other fertility contracts ever since.

With the help of thousands of families before you, we are a product of our experiences. As a result, the contracts we draft are the most thorough and well thought-out in the industry, and they are designed to offer your family the greatest level of protection.

I have full confidence that Klein Fertility Law are the right attorneys for anyone considering entering the world of surrogacy, egg donation, and family planning.

Proud Parent, Hong Kong

Fertility Law Blog

Why do you need an agency for your surrogacy journey?

Guest post by Warda Baig from Patriot Conceptions “Patriot Conceptions is a veteran-owned surrogacy agency providing unsurpassed, comprehensive and unique surrogacy solutions. We pride ourselves in b…

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Travel advice for international Intended Parents during COVID-19

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused global travel restrictions starting from late January 2020. This has largely affected international Intended Parents’ travel plans to the United S…

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Should I use the DSR to keep future contact with my donor?

In your fertility journey, you might need to turn to sperm, egg, or embryo donors for help to realize your family creation dream. Like many other parents, you might have concerns and questions about…

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