Trust the Surrogacy Lawyers of Klein Fertility Law

Based in California, Klein Fertility Law has over 30 years of experience as surrogacy lawyers for intended parents throughout the United States and the world.

Navigating fertility law is uniquely challenging for those seeking to build a family through surrogacy, so it is important to choose a firm with deep industry knowledge and experience. Klein Fertility Law oversees the entire fertility process for our clients with integrity, empathy, and collaboration. We not only manage the legal aspect of the matter, but we also guide you in selecting reliable and trustworthy professionals throughout your medical journey.

Klein Fertility Law builds our contracts with the help of many families who have come before you in their own surrogacy journeys. Our hands-on involvement in fertility agreements, plus our extensive experience with a number of agencies and industry professionals, enables us to create stronger contracts that offer your family the greatest level of protection. The result is a smooth process that allows our clients to worry less about their contracts and focus more on building their families.

Why do I need a surrogacy attorney?

A surrogacy attorney creates the legal documents that must be in place before medical procedures can begin. A surrogacy attorney not only drafts the required documents and oversees their execution, but he or she also predicts unforeseen risks and liabilities so that they can be properly addressed in writing.

Surrogacy attorneys like the ones at Klein Fertility Law are necessary to establish and protect the rights of all people involved in the family building process. Their job is to hold all parties accountable to legal standards, and to ensure that parental rights are established as soon as the client’s state allows. Our surrogacy attorneys also manage the trust account that holds all funds for the legal agreement, and make sure proper procedures are followed during family building.

Do I need a local surrogacy lawyer?

Although we welcome our clients to visit our office when possible, it is not important for your surrogacy attorney to be local to you. In fact, a majority of our clients are either living outside of California, or reside internationally. The contract process is handled through email, telephone, and other electronic forms of communication, so an in person meeting is not necessary.

We are also able to file paperwork with the court through electronic filing, mail, or attorney filing services. Thus, we are able to operate a global practice while maintaining one centralized office location.

Are you looking for a surrogacy lawyer “near me”?

A surrogacy lawyer does not need to be located or licensed in the state of the child’s birth. However, it is important that he or she is deeply familiar with how the fertility laws are structured in your state. There are no federal laws regulating surrogacy.
Klein Fertility Law has over 30 years of experience as surrogacy lawyers throughout the United States and the world. We are uniquely suited to assist with surrogacy cases because we have already established deep relationships with fertility professionals in most states – an important part of the process. International laws may come into play if an intended parent resides in a different country.

Klein Fertility Law Surrogacy Legal Services

Klein Fertility Law began practicing fertility law in 1987 and is the leading fertility law firm in Southern California. We offer the following services to our clients:

  • Draft or provide legal review of customized surrogate agreements
  • Draft legal clearance letters required by physicians, surrogacy agencies, and any other party assisting in the surrogacy process
  • Keep surrogacy agencies informed on contract process and legal proceedings
  • Manage the fund for the surrogacy process through a trust account
  • Assist international clients through coordination with an attorney in their home country
  • File court proceedings to establish parental rights for the intended parents as soon as your state allows
  • Provide proper legal notice to the hospital and surrogate to make sure the birth certificate is completed according to court order
  • Provide guardianship designations and healthcare powers of attorney
  • Coordinate with vital records to obtain birth certificates
  • Assist with travel documents, if necessary (such as passports, apostilles, and other requirements established by each country)