How much does it cost to hire a surrogacy attorney?

Surrogacy attorney fees range from $5,500 to $15,000. Fees vary by state, by surrogacy agency, and also by law firm. This fee is used to create your legal contracts and does not include compensation to the surrogate or other expenses (medical, insurance, etc.) that are normally incurred during assisted reproduction.

Surrogacy Attorney Fee Structure

Your surrogacy attorney should help you expertly navigate the legal landscape by offering expertise, guidance, and support. Klein Fertility Law’s surrogacy attorney fees are structured around the following legal services:

  • Intended Parent Legal Representation
    • Draft, negotiate, and review the surrogacy contract
  • Parental Establishment and Court Pleadings
    • Draft, review, obtain signatures, and file legal pleading papers with the Court
    • Arrangements for court appearances or default judgments (if needed)
  • Court Filing Fees
  • Escrow or Trust Account Set-Up Fee