What to Do In Case of Domestic Abuse

May 11th 2018

Domestic abuse can have a devastating impact not only on the lives of the victim but also everyone involved including family and friends. Abuse at home can take many forms; financial control, physical or psychological abuse. Abusers are manipulative and it can be difficult for the victim to decide the next step to take after abuse. There are a few things victims can do to minimize the risk while seeking legal and psychological help.

Come up with a Safety Plan

If you are still living with the abuser you need to come up with a plan to enable you to leave to a safer environment for you and your loved ones. Avoid telling or indicating to the abuser that you are planning to leave. Put aside important documents and clothes that you can leave with. Find a place to stay, in a protective shelter or at a friend’s place as you seek legal and psychological help.

Seek Support

Abusers are very skilled at isolating victims from their friends and family. The mental torture that victims go through causes significant distress that can have an impact on their decision-making process. It is therefore wise to seek the help of family and friends who can assist you in finding solutions that will keep you from further abuse. You can also inform your boss and trusted colleagues at work of the abuser by giving them a description or a picture of the person in question. Having support from those around you can empower you and push you to be more assertive in getting justice for the abuse you’ve endured.

Legal Assistance

You can contact an attorney and get a protective order from the court. You can show this protective order to your boss and colleagues to ensure that the abuser doesn’t come to your workplace. Talk to a lawyer experienced in and ask for discretion if you feel unsafe.

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