We Provide The Most Reliable And Satisfactory Legal Services

Are you in need of legal representation? Are you seeking to engage the services of qualified and experienced attorneys to plead your case and secure justice especially in the area of family law, employment law, personal injury cases and family formation issues? Falletta and Klein Law Firm is the right place to go to seek both sound and informed advice and thorough, reliable representation where necessary.

For the past 30 years we helped clients to get over difficult situations and progress with their lives by helping to resolve divorce and separation issues, as well as custody agreements. We have also put smiles on the faces of several families by providing thorough and expert representation for such families who needed third party assisted reproductive technologies like egg donation and surrogacy. This is a unique field with a few expert lawyers but we are lucky to have a partner who has extensive expertise in this field gathered over the past 24 years and has represented different people all over the world.

Falletta and Klein law Firm has also been the first place of call for people to run to in cases of personal injury. If you sustain an injury as a result of someone else’s negligence or wrong doing, we will offer you qualified representation, making sure you get the right amount in damages. We will also stand by you and provide support and assistance with medical bills and other such things.

We also mediate Employer-Employee situations. We can come in to resolve conflicts and seek necessary settlement for both parties amicably and at the same time we also provide legal representation in court. It does not matter whether you are the employee or employer; we will take up your case and see to it that you get what is right according to the law. Falletta and Klein law Firm provides the most satisfactory legal services in San Diego. You won’t be sorry you hired us.

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