Things You Don’t Want to Do After a Divorce

January 17th 2018

Did you know that January is not only known for making a clean start in life in what we call New Year resolutions, but it’s also the month when a life-changing event occurs in many families, and that’s divorce? The huge spike in couples filing their divorce in the month of January may be because the couples didn’t want to serve their significant other with divorce at the time of holidays. It’s also likely that because of financial challenges associated with the Christmas holidays, the couples seeking to divorce tend to wait until January.

Of course, you already know that almost 50 percent of the first marriages in America is going to end in divorce. That said, if you ever get through that painful process of divorce, there are things you may never want to do.

First, you want to avoid any immediate physical changes on your body such as piercings or tattoos. This may happen because of the psychological emotions you are facing, however, you want to refrain from such things. You may regret the decision you make if you have these permanent physical changes on your body.

You also don’t want to hook up with an “ex” and for the obvious reason that you may cloud your vision and end up showing attachment to someone who isn’t a good fit for you. There was a reason you parted ways with your “ex” and if you seek comfort by being intimate with them, it may be unfair to not only them but also yourself.

It’s important that you maintain contact with your positive, married friends. A mistake divorced individuals do is to stay away from married friends they have been friends with all along. Those friends may offer some advice and you too could help them understand what divorce feels and means to married people.

Now that you know a thing or two about what not to do after your divorce, you may want to seek the help of Falletta and Klein Law Firm if you are seeking divorce or separation.

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