Start Your Family on The Right Note

You can choose your friends, but not your family. But then again, you would not have to choose if you had the right legal partner to ensure that your relationships remain cordial, even after a legal spat. These are some of the legal services that will call for legal intervention.

The world today is seeing lots of change in the traditional form of the family. Due to different reasons, ranging from infertility to personal choice, parents are looking at surrogacy as a way of expanding their families.

The 1993 case of Johnson versus Calvert set precedence in matters surrogacy, where the courts indicated that the intended parents were both the legal and natural parents of a child birthed through a surrogate.

The law recognizes the Surrogacy Agreement signed by both parties before the child is born. In California, intended parents will not have to go through the adoption process.

Egg Donation
Assisted Reproduction has gained popularity over the last decade. While this method is the choice of parents (single or married) with different underlying reasons, the law protects all parties. The egg donor will need to sign a form showing their consent to the process. They will, hence relinquish their parental rights to the birthing parent. The birthing parent becomes the natural parent of the child under the law.

Sperm Donation
In the event that a woman is inseminated with sperm that is donated from a party other than her husband, the husband will become the natural father of the unborn child. The father will sign documents to show consent.

As is with egg donation, the sperm donor will relinquish the rights to the baby by signing a form that signifies his consent.

Family matters are always sensitive, as we have seen otherwise simple issues trigger reactions that have caused intended parents to lose their rights to their unborn children. Having the right legal partner is the only sure way of realizing your parental dreams. Klein Fertility Law is that partner.

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