Reasons Why an Employment Attorney Is the Best Thing for You After Being Wrongfully Fired

January 11th 2018

Everyone needs a job to be able to provide for themselves and those they love. This is why termination at work is such a stressful and painful experience. However, not all employers follow the law when terminating their employees. In fact, not many people know that you can sue an employer in the event that your termination of employment was wrong and unlawful. When you feel like you have been wrongfully terminated, your first option must be to consult an employment attorney. Here is why.

Provide You with Legal Expertise

Employment attorneys have specialized their skill regarding wrongful termination suits. In fact, when you see this attorney and explain your situation, the lawyer will then tell you whether or not your case has any merit. And if it does, which would be the best way to move forward with it. If there are arguments to be made in court, the lawyer will fully represent you.

Obtaining Evidence

During discovery, many documents are presented to both attorneys to be analyzed and explored for proof that the termination was either lawful or unlawful. A lawyer is then uniquely qualified to go through the many stacks of documents and find the smoking gun which can be the key to winning the case. An attorney will also be instrumental in witness gathering as subpoenas are needed to compel unwilling witnesses to testify.

Filing Motions

Motions are the bread and butter for most lawyers. If you have been let go, an employer will want to show that the company had justifiable reasons to do so. As such, you might be painted in a less than attractive light so that the case can be dismissed. Some of these allegations can be inflammatory and could potentially damage your reputation. However, engaging a lawyer is the best way to protect yourself. The lawyer will file motions to ensure that the employer is accountable for their actions and that they treat other employees with respect.
At Falletta and Klein we know that your job means a lot to you. If you have been wrongfully terminated, please don’t feel shy reaching out to us.

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