Personal Injury Lawsuits: When You May Not Need an Attorney

Sustaining injuries whether through road accident, construction site accident, or a slip and fall incident in a commercial premise can turn your life upside down. When you are injured, you may be confused whether you should seek a personal injury lawyer in San Diego, CA or handle the process on your own. Here are situations that may not require you to consult an attorney, though, rarely do they happen.

The insurance company is willing to settle you adequately
Insurance companies will approach you and try to resolve the situation out of court. In case the insurer promises to do this and in the most faithful manner, you may not need to seek an attorney. However, insurance companies are in business and most of the time, they are not willing to settle claimants what they deserve.

If a lawsuit cannot earn you a substantial claim amount
You may want to evaluate whether the injury or damage you have suffered from an accident can attract a big amount of money. The legal process can be expensive often requiring you to spend huge sums of money.In case you are not likely to get a substantially huge compensation, then you may just avoid seeking a lawyer.

When there is insufficient evidence
A case of hit and run accident may be difficult to handle in court if you cannot trace any evidence to present in court. Sometimes, attorneys will have to look for evidence to support your case in court. Where there is lack of sufficient evident or no evidence at all, it becomes very difficult to pursue the case.

While in most case, victims of accidents will consult with an attorney, there are, however times when you may not necessarily need to hire one. You want to be very careful when pursuing a personal injury case on your own because the legal process is very complex even for the smartest people. The law firm of Falletta and Klein can help you get compensation for injuries you have suffered.

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