Know Your Employment Rights

So you are fresh out of college and have been looking for a job to kick things off right. Naturally, you will want to leave a lasting impression too as this is certainly the beginning of a great career.
What are some of the things you should know right off the bat?

The most important is the knowledge that the law protects your rights as an employee.

Minimum Wage
You are entitled to at least $9 per hour regardless of the calculation method your employer uses. Wages are usually paid twice a month with a few exemptions. Should you work overtime, you are entitled to no less than 1.5 times the standard minimum wage rate.

Unfair Discrimination
Your employer should not discriminate you based on your age, gender, religion, or physical disability among others. The law protects individuals from events that would happen due to circumstances that they cannot avoid. Discrimination would happen in the form of the boss passing you over for promotion based on your age and not skills or they denying you the chance to attend training simply for being pregnant or based on your gender. If you are qualified for the promotion, then nothing should stand in the way.

A Whistleblower Has Rights Too
If you notice illegal happenings at the office or anything that you feel goes against the provision of the law, you are at liberty to spill the beans to the authorities, and you will be protected by the state and federal laws. For a strong case, you will need to follow the steps of whistle blowing which include investigating the misconduct them reporting it both internally and externally. After that, you will be required to file a formal complaint, and then go ahead to assist the authorities in investigations.

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