How to Find a Fertility Lawyer in Your Area

Are you in need of a local fertility lawyer? Fertility law is a growing area of legal practice in due part to the increased use of third-party reproductive services like gestational surrogacy and egg and sperm donation. Many intended parents who have settled on third-party reproduction as the means to help grow their families will turn to a fertility lawyer after either choosing or being matched with their surrogate or donor. Finding this type of lawyer in your area may present some challenges, but there are methods we advise implementing to help make the process easier.

Narrow down options, then research your top choices
Search engine results for “fertility lawyer in X location” can be overwhelming. It’s much easier for clients to select one to three options and then begin their research — versus endlessly adding potential firms for consideration without narrowing down choices. Once you have a manageable set of options, you can begin researching.

Different law firms may offer fertility law services, but this does not necessarily mean that they have the level of experience or specialty that you’re looking for. Ideally, your attorney would have specific experience in fertility law, not just family law. Here are some questions you can research or directly ask any potential law firm you’re considering:

  • How much fertility law experience do you and your firm each have?
    • And, is this experience limited to gestational surrogacy or egg donation alone?
  • Did your law firm draft the surrogacy and/or egg donation agreement that you currently use? Or did you get a copy of your agreement from a different attorney?
  • Do you have solid professional relationships with third-party reproduction agencies? If so, which ones?
  • Do you assist with managing the money involved in a third-party reproduction agreement? Or do you connect clients with an escrow agency?
  • Can you outline your billing practices before asking us to sign a retainer agreement?

Establish contact and schedule a consultation
Once you have selected a local fertility law firm that you feel is a good fit for your family-building needs, the next step is to reach out directly and request a consultation. Some firms, like Klein Fertility Law in San Diego, California, offer clients an initial consultation free of charge. You can request your free consultation with our firm online here or by calling us firm directly at (619) 235-8913.

If you have any questions about our fertility law firm and the services we offer, we encourage you to contact our team today so we can assist you.

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