How Can a Child Support Attorney Help You?

How Can a Child Support Attorney Help You?

Divorces and separations can be tough on all members of the family, but especially when there are children involved. If you have found yourself going through the process of divorce and in a child support battle or hearing with your former spouse, a child support attorney can help you navigate the process.

Child support attorneys are knowledgeable and can help families navigate this difficult process in a variety of ways. An experienced attorney will help you focus on what your needs are and represent you in court so that the best result for both parents and the children are met. Child support is a necessity for the children to live their best lives, and the attorneys at Falletta and Klein will work hard to make sure they get what is needed.

If you are the custodial parent, the child support funds are necessary in order to provide the best life for your children. In order to receive child support, you will need to prove you are the parent and present paperwork in support of that. Once paternity is established, you can proceed with attempting to obtain a reasonable amount of child support from your former spouse or partner.

If you are the non-custodial parent, a child support lawyer can be of assistance to you as well. While it is important to take care of the needs of your children regardless of whether they are in your custody or not, it is equally important that you are given a fair trial and are making child support payments that fit within your income and standard of living. A child support attorney will gather the appropriate financial information for you and represent you so that you are treated fairly and asked to provide a reasonable amount of child support each month.

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