Falletta + Klein Offer Perfect Legal Counsel

You can never say when you might require the services of a lawyer in your life. It could be a case of a property dispute, a personal injury, or even a simple crime such as a minor traffic violation. You can find yourself on the opposite side of the law. The attorney is the right person to bail you out of trouble under such circumstances.

One such law firm in San Diego is Falletta and Klein. This law firm has been in existence as a partnership since 1983. Serviced by eminent lawyers such as Steven Klein and Stephen Falletta, this law firm specializes in family matters. When we say family matters, we include divorce matters, child custody, spousal support, distribution of family assets, inheritance issues, and so on. Even though family matters are their main line of business, Stephen Falletta is an expert in attending to personal injury cases. In the same way, Steven Klein, an eminent lawyer for the past 24 years, is an expert in dealing with fraud cases.

Thus, you can find a variety of services at this law firm. Family matters can be complicated with the involvement of a lot of emotion. Falletta and Klein have expert counselors in their ranks capable of dealing with the toughest of problems. They believe in setting right the issue as soon as possible without escalating it to a higher level. They understand that family matters can involve a lot of family pride and honor. Each case is different from the other. They try to arrive at a consensus with all the parties. In case it does not materialize, the courts are always there to round off things.

Similar are the personal injury cases as well. An out of court settlement can save a lot of time for all. These personal injury cases can take awkward turns. Hence, you require an expert to handle the barrage of questions from the other side, usually the insurance lawyers. Tackling them requires tremendous skills. Falletta and Klein can be of great help in these cases.

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