Klein Fertility Law – Making A Difference!

The law firm is widely versed with family law including child support, spousal support and child custody. Klein Fertility Law has been in law practice since 1983 and has been successfully practicing family law since 1979.

Child Custody
Child custody or legal guardianship is part of family law wherein the courts have a full responsibility to make the best possible decision for a family. The courts contemplate on the facts and resolve a custodial arrangement in the best interest of the child.

When dealing with such cases, the firm always advises its clients to discuss all matters about parenting including the child’s education, living history and special needs. The law firm also would want to know whether there have been previous custody issues involving the same children and of personal records such as school, educational and child preferences. A parental background information also greatly helps in such cases.

Child Support
Child Support is court-ordered payments, customarily done by a noncustodial divorced parent to support his child. There is an existing protocol in California that looks at the parent’s capacity for child support. Klein Fertility Law has access to the same state-run computer software to facilitate the computation of a child support.

The firm advises clients to present certain document as pay stubs, tax returns, and monthly costs of services like healthcare and other spousal support when meeting with Mr. Falletta. This will assist the firm with the decisions to make with such problems.

Division of assets
Fiduciary duty is the legal function to act exclusively in another party’s interest. The party owing the duty is called fiduciary and the individual whom they owe a duty is called a principal.

The parties are both advised to present and disclose all their assets and obligations to avoid being penalized on breach of fiduciary duty. The parties are required to complete a full disclosure of their Declaration of Disclosure, Income and Expense Declaration and a Schedule of Assets and Debts.

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