Falletta and Klein Law firm- The answer to all your legal problems

Legal hassles can be very intimidating and when confronted by them what you need is the care and guidance of professionals. This is exactly what we give you at Klein Fertility Law firm. If you are facing problems regarding Family Formation or need professional expert advice on matters of Employment laws or Family laws, Klein Fertility Law firm is just the place for you. We have helped the regions in and around California since 1983. We have provided stability, experience, and reliability for over 30 years.

We have unparalleled experience in the fields of family laws and especially surrogacy laws. There are certain things that make us different from other firms. Steven Klein is an expert in surrogacy laws and in every possible facet of third party assisted reproduction. Klein has been in this field for over 24 years. Stephen Falletta on the other hand is a veteran and an expert in matters dealing with Child Support, Spousal Support, or Alimony laws and matters regarding Custody and Assets.

We are here to aid you in matters of Employment laws and personal injuries as well. If you are experiencing issues such as wrongful termination, unfair wages and discrimination and do not know who to turn to, Klein Fertility Law firm is the answer. We will aid you in fighting your battle to achieve equality. We at Klein Fertility Law firm understand your problems and your needs, and we are here to guide you with our expertise that we have earned over the span of many years.

Therefore, if you are trapped in issues of Divorce or Custody and Asset issues or need professional guidance regarding Surrogacy, Egg donation, or Sperm donation, Klein Fertility Law firm is the answer to all your troubles.

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