Employment Discrimination is Not a Thing of the Past

Although it rarely happens because of strict consequences, employment discrimination does happen in some instances. It might not be reported or victims choose to be silent either because of lack of knowledge or fear of being prosecuted by friends or society.

A Clear Definition of Employment Discrimination
Discrimination may come in subtle or extreme forms. It also has many faces including those situations where you are being disfavored because of your background, sexuality, origin or physical and mental capacity. This sometimes is an issue with people seeking occupation as they often find being repudiated because they do not fit within the company for some lame reason and its bigotry.

Because the US is culturally mixed, laws about employment discrimination are strict. It prevents an employer from discriminating an applicant based on sex, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, age and disability among others. Laws also include clauses that prevent an employer from discriminatory practices involving promotions, hiring, termination, job assignments and different other types of employee harassment.

Is it Harassment or Discrimination: Learning the Similarities
Occupational harassment is a form of discrimination with severe consequences both on the employee and the employer. As there are different types of harassment, the gravity of the repercussion also differs. Not only can this happen between and employee-employer relation, but it can also happen between employees. An unwelcoming move from a co-worker, client, or manager constitutes harassment. Issues can also be based on sexuality, race, pregnancy for women, color, or religion in some cases.

Both parties suffer from an occupational harassment because the victim becomes traumatized and when lawsuits are involved, the company or doer can be severely punished. It can sever the relationship leaving a person jobless and the doer with extreme penalties.

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