Stephen Falletta

Stephen N. Falletta of Falletta & Klein has been licensed to practice law in California and practicing in San Diego since 1979, over 30 years.

Stephen N. Falletta practices primarily in the area of Family Law, with experience in all aspects of this area of practice, and secondarily in the area of personal injury/negligence.

In the family law field Stephen N. Falletta has represented hundreds of clients over the years, handling all aspects of family law cases.

When you retain the law office of Falletta & Klein to represent you for a family law matter Stephen N. Falletta will be your attorney. Your case will not be delegated to another attorney or associate. He will personally prepare and oversee your case and ready all issues for settlement, court hearing or trial as necessary. Mr. Falletta’s philosophy is that settlement should be pursued in every family law case as litigation is emotionally draining, costly and time consuming. The sooner spouses can complete the dissolution process the sooner they can heal and go on with their life.

 Practice Areas

California dissolution/divorce
Military dissolution/divorce
Family law
San Diego Dissolution
Child Custody
Child Visitation
Child Support Spousal Support
Post judgment motions
Retirement issues
Division of assets and obligations
Division of businesses